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Tiger comes into it’s own when it comes to after sales support, with a dedicated support officer for your coffee offering and technician bases in every major city in New Zealand.

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Training is crucial to any business, it means your staff have more to contribute to your business and means they focus less on trying to get something right and more time learning skills to create an all-rounder in your workforce.

Tiger offer on-site training to all our customers, anytime and anywhere. We know a thing or two about coffee so will keep your staff motivated and satisfied with what they’re doing.

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Imagine being able to have complete transparency for the things you need to know to boast about how well you’re doing? With our machines you’ll have that capability. You’ll be able to see live statistics of how many cups you’ve done over any period of time, how many machines in your fleet are working, what your most popular drink is and much more.

Add to that the ability to ring up and query something about your machine and one of our technicians will wirelessly log into your machine from the other side of the country to help out, adjust your settings or solve an issue.

Telemetry opens up so many doors and expands on what we currently see to be a consistent coffee. Quality control checks and grinder adjustments as well as what’s listed above is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Information about our exciting new online store is coming soon. Check back in or contact us to find out more.