Extras to keep you topped up

Whilst a coffee offering starts with the machine and coffee, it certainly doesn’t end there.

We supply some of the highest quality coffee you’ll find in New Zealand, as well as cups, sugars, stirrers, lids, water filters, hot chocolates etc.. So basically everything you’ll ever need – a total coffee solution.


Our Commitment to coffee

At Tiger Coffee we are espresso equipment specialists, leading the way in technology – offering our expertise to our clients, and to clients of other roasters requiring exceptional machinery.

Our commitment is to ensure that every coffee from our equipment will represent the flavour profile of the roast, so if it is that you have a preferred roaster we are very happy to develop a flavour profile with them to ensure client satisfaction

Our espresso beans  Triple R, Element and Cheeki are roasted on the beautiful Waiheke Island. Tiger Coffee and our coffee roaster, have partnered together to bring to market an offering which has proven to be incredibly successful. We are both market leaders in our own areas of the coffee industry and together we are able to offer tailor made packages to suit any business need. Whichever the blend we ensure that the customer will come back for more

The Village Roaster


Water filtration

All of our technicians are Brita water filtration specialists and will help you find the best filtration for your area and machine.

Cleaning tablets

Keeping your machine clean means less breakdowns and more consistent coffee.

Cashless options

Don't want to pay someone to serve coffee or mind a till? we can provide a machine that pays for itself.

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Whether it’s the essentials or the extras that diversify your offering we’ve got you covered with coffee, cups, trays, sugar, syrup and more.

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Information about our exciting new online store is coming soon. Check back in or contact us to find out more.